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My Why

Why did I start this business, what keeps me going and why?

Hi, my name is Marie. It has been a while since I have introduced myself here. I am a virtual assistant that helps businesses behind the scenes with administration tasks such as data entry, email marketing, website edits, basic graphic design, content creation to name a few.

I have been working in administration and with computers over the last 18 years (longer if you count high school). What I love about this work is being able to help people with their businesses, the variety of tasks to do and being creative. I also enjoy learning to use new programs and seeing all the integrations come together.

One of the things I haven’t shared is why I decided to become a virtual assistant and why I choose to work from home.

I wanted to have a flexible job where I can use the skills I have accumulated over the years, am able to work during school hours and also to work from home. As a single mother, this allows me to still do school drop offs and pick ups, work during school holidays, pupil free days and public holidays (if necessary).

Another reason I have chosen to work from home is to help care for my father as well. A number of years ago my father was diagnosed with Dementia. For a while he was able to still function as he had before. But after a while his memory deteriorated, and after he had a stroke in 2019 (and another in September 2021), he needed to have more supervision and care. By working from home, I can help provide respite care so my mother can have a break when she needs it and my father still gets to be in a familiar environment. My son and I also get to spend a bit more time with him before he forgets who we all are.

Having the time flexibility to work around other commitments and my family (rather than fitting it all in around work), has also enabled me to attend sports days, family functions, network with other business owners, and importantly to look after my health and well-being.

Working from home and predominately on my own suits my introverted personality and energy levels. After working in offices for many years some may find it lonely without the “coffee chats” or the “photocopier chats” or the “lunch dates”. Thankfully with the power of technology I can easily connect with other business owners and other people working from home. This allows me to still have some interaction, share what works, bounce ideas around and problem solve.

Working from home or remote working has become more “normal” or more accepted over the last few years. Some of the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, such as myself, is that we are accustomed to working independently, with little to no supervision, have tried and tested various software and processes, we have all our own equipment and insurances and… we can be hired on a project basis or with an hourly rate. There are no leave or superannuation entitlements, just our invoice to pay.

If there is anything in particular you would like to know about what I do, or how I do it, please feel free to comment below or get in contact with me << here >>.

PS: I have added a shop to my website, head over to the << Shop >> page to check out the products available.

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