About Marie

Hi, I’m Marie! I am the founder of Crafty Fox By Design, but you can think of me as an external team member.

Someone who is working behind the scenes in your business to help you achieve your goals by taking care of some of the time consuming administration tasks.

Someone you can call on when you need to but you don’t have to find/buy a spare computer or desk as I have all that myself!

Why did I become a virtual assistant?
I wanted to use my administration skills that I have acquired and polished over the last 20+ years to help other people with their businesses. The ability to work remotely and from home suits my needs as it allows me to spend time with my family when needed. This way of working has become more attractive (and sometimes necessary when dealing with major global events). I also love helping businesses “behind the scenes” by creating templates, proofreading, editing documents and of course, anything Canva related!

If you need a creative, admin superstar to help you, please get in contact << here>> today.


Compassion, connection, creativity, empathy, encouragement, faith, family, honesty, humour, inspiration, integrity, knowledge, love, peace, respect, strength, wisdom.

2022 VA Awards Finalist badge
Community Canvassador


Email marketing image


  • Set up email templates
  • Create standard email campaigns
  • Simple automation series (eg Welcome series)
  • Instruction via Zoom to create/edit emails for future use
document setting image


  • Transform plain text documents into visually appealing documents
  • Create templates
  • Create worksheets/workbooks
  • Convert into fillable PDF (optional)


  • Proofreading social media/blog posts
  • Data Entry
  • Website page edits
  • General Administration Tasks (limited to tasks that can be done remotely at this time)