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The Power of Connection

There maybe times in your life when you find yourself alone… But you don’t have to feel lonely. Nowadays there are many ways to be connected with friends and family. The past year has shown us that being connected and staying connected with others is the best way to get through a tough time. (Even if we can’t physically be with them.)

Being in business on the other hand can feel extremely lonely – especially when you are first starting out. Being able to connect with like-minded people who just “get it” and “get you” is priceless. You can share what is happening in your business, your life, your family – what is working and what is not working… And they just understand. They have been in the same situation you are currently in and are able to offer words of wisdom and encouragement. Other times you are the one that is able to offer words of wisdom and encouragement. It becomes a community. A safe and supportive community where questions are welcomed, business tips are freely shared and there are opportunities to connect with people in both similar and different industries (and in different cities/towns/states/countries).

A community like this may seem impossible to find… But I can tell you it’s not. I have been a member of a community like this for the last 18 months. I have connected with many different people, in similar and different industries, with people in different cities/towns/states/countries, asked questions, learnt about different areas of business and much more. But get this – it has been possible to do all this from my own little office in a small country town. I didn’t have to travel to a big city, I didn’t have to “network” (the yucky kind of networking) in a big room full of people, I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not, I didn’t have to always have it “together” or have all of the answers. I was able to just come as me. It has been a valuable resource to draw upon when needed and a place to give back to when I can. It has made being in business a bit easier and definitely more fun!

If you have been looking for a community like this, then read on…

The community I have been talking about is Christian Women In Business and Leadership. This is a safe and supportive community for women who:

  • have their own business (or are wanting to start one)
  • are in leadership positions and would like extra support
  • would like a place to openly talk to others about God and seeking wisdom
  • would like to have a place to request prayers when needed
  • need/want extra accountability to keep them on track
  • would like to connect with other like-minded women regularly (virtually and/or in person)
  • would like help to stay connected with God
  • want to have fun in the process

If you can relate to these things and you would like more information – intakes for this wonderful community are currently open. Click << here >> view more information and to see if this community is right for you. Hope to see you in there!


Disclaimer: The above link is an affiliate link and I may earn a commission if you decide to join.

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