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What do Hockey and Business have in common?

This is how I have been keeping busy on the weekends for the last 4.5 months. I have been playing in my local hockey association for Mundulla. I have also had the occasional opportunity to play at Naracoorte on the turf. It has been a great experience to play with other players from the Tatiara Association and to play against the Naracoorte teams.

So there have been a few Monday’s (and some Tuesday’s) where I have been a bit stiff and sore. A great reminder to get up from my computer and move regularly.

I have been thinking about how playing a team sport like hockey helps me in my business…

– There are wins and losses. Pick yourself up and keep going. Learn from the mistakes.

– You can’t get there on your own, you need other people around you to help you and encourage you.

– You need to know what the other players are doing in the game and adjust yourself accordingly, just as you need to know how the different parts of your business work together. Eg money making tasks versus admin etc.

– Know your numbers! Do you have enough players to fill a team? Do you have enough cash flow to meet your bills this month and next?

– Practice! You will only get better if you take time out and practice to learn the moves or how to use the software. Attend training sessions/webinars and ask questions from those further on than yourself.

– Develop a thick skin and take heckles/comments/criticism with a grain of salt. But listen to the umpire (and your accountant!)

– Learn to play in all conditions, not just when it is good weather. There will be easy days and hard days, remember why you started the business in the first place.

– Be coachable and approachable. Listen to what the coaches/mentors have to say and try implementing their suggestions. They have been where you are and have survived!

And most importantly, aim for the GOALS!!

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