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Instagram Bio Features

I hope you are having a wonderful week! I was wondering, when was the last time you reviewed the bio section of your Instagram account?

This section is important as it is the place where other people go to find out information about you, your account and your business.

Below I have listed some of the different features of the bio section:

  • Insert a customised profile photo (of you, a product or logo)
  • The “Name” section is a searchable field (make it something that relates to what you do eg: virtual assistant, coach, mentor, music teacher etc)
  • Can choose to show the page type (eg Product/Service, Personal Blog, Shopping & Retail, Health/Beauty etc)
  • Limited character count, but you can use emojis
  • Can choose to show location (helpful if you have a bricks & mortar store/shopfront or want to promote you are in a certain area.)
  • Link to 1 website

As you may be aware there is only 1 link to a website allowed in the bio section of Instagram and links included in the caption/comments of a post are not clickable like they are in Facebook or on a blog post.

One way I have found to get around this, is to use a tool called Linktree. By creating a free account with Linktree you can then customise the link in bio section and have many different external links listed.

This is how I use Linktree to display different links…

There are also a number of other tools/apps that will provide this function. Milkshake is another, and there is function within Later’s paid version (a scheduling tool I mentioned last week) that will provide different options to link to external sites for different posts.

Another feature just below the main bio section is the ability to save highlights from your stories. Usually stories only last 24 hours (to the public) but you can save individual stories as highlights. These can be organised into different categories. You can also choose different covers for the highlights allowing you to customise with brand colours/logos etc.

If you would like an Instagram bio review, Linktree set up or any help around saving and organising story highlights, please get in touch. I’d be happy to help.

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