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Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Self Care Is Important

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”


There have been a few different things happening around the world lately. From an ongoing health crisis, to discussions about the colour of skin, race and racism.

I have been quietly taking it all in and wondering how I can do better and I’m sure you have too. I don’t know the answer. But I do know that I am going to continue to educate myself and continue to support the inclusion of everyone, regardless of the colour of their skin.

I will be open to conversations and discussions with family and friends. There maybe times where a comment is made (perhaps said as a joke) but it is hurtful and not helpful. In times like this, I hope I can be strong and make it known that that type of comment (joke or otherwise) is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. I know that there will be times where I get it wrong, but I am willing to learn and to do better.

On a different note, my local gym has re-opened after having to close due to COVID-19 restrictions. I have been in there for a workout. It was refreshing to see the changes they have made and to just move. (I’m sure I will find some muscles I haven’t felt in a while over the next day or two). I am looking forward to getting back into a great routine and to feel stronger and fitter.

I have found that while the various things have been going on in the world, it has been even more important to look after myself. There is so much more to being healthy than just eating meat & 3 veg and drinking lots of water. Looking after our health also includes what we watch, read, and listen to. And to keep ourselves healthy we may need to take a break from things. For example, I am careful about what news I watch/listen to and how often, as it can make me feel overly anxious or upset by the horrible things that have been reported. I am also mindful that there is a huge amount of information being consumed on social media.

Every so often, I will go through the pages/accounts I follow and check if I am still enjoying their content. If not, I unfollow/unsubscribe. If I am unsure, Facebook has a cool feature which allows me to “Snooze” a person/page/group for 30 days, to temporarily stop seeing posts. Then after the 30 days, I can decide to continue following them, snooze them for another 30 days or to unfollow them. Instagram also has a similar function called “Mute”. You can mute posts and stories of different accounts and turn them back on when you want to. These functions are handy if you would like to follow certain accounts but need to take a break from all the noise.

I encourage you to spend some time to review all the “things” you are consuming. From food, liquid, music, social media, tv shows, books/magazines, emails etc. Take some time to work out things should stay and let go of what shouldn’t. By creating space you will be able to make positive changes and can invite the things you really want into your life.

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