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How my father’s Dementia has helped me in my business

Do you find technology (especially new technology) intimidating? Do you wonder how you are going to work it all out or are you puzzled about if it will even help you?

Are you spending too much time trying to learn something new and you just seem to go round and round in circles? Not knowing what the steps are and more importantly the order of the steps to take?!

I know how that feels. Let me tell you a story.

Around 2014 my father was diagnosed with Dementia – Alzheimers. It was concerning. The capable, reliable man I knew was changing. Thankfully he was diagnosed early and was able to access some medication to stabilise and slow the progression. For a while he was still able to drive independently, pick up a few things from the shops, check the post office box, wash dishes etc. After a while, he slowly reduced the amount of tasks he could do independently and would only drive with someone else in the car. To now, not driving at all and doing very little.

But why am I telling you this?

As I have been watching my father’s Alzheimers progress, I have had to change the way I ask him to complete tasks. A simple “It’s time to go out, can you please get ready?” has now turned into “It’s nearly time to go out. Can you please change into your shoes, change your jumper (if needed), go to the toilet, wash your hands and clean your teeth.” – monitor where he is up to and maybe give more instructions or remind him what he needs to do. Then ask or hand him his hat/sunglasses, check he has his wallet with him (in case he gets separated) and then ask him to get into the car and make sure he has his seat belt on.

Once again, why am I telling you this?

I am seeing first hand how larger tasks or vague instructions need to be broken down into smaller, easy to understand steps so it is not overwhelming. So you don’t get lost or confused (and then frustrated) when you are only part the way through a task.

I use this step-by-step framework when helping clients navigate a new program/app, system or process.

This is also the reason I have structured the Canva e-courses the way they are. I want to make sure that each task is broken down in an easy to follow way. I include a short video where I show you how to do the task and I include written step-by-step instructions as I know that different people learn in different ways and at different paces.

To experience the step-by-step framework for yourself, have a sneak peek at my Canva Basics e-course click << here >> to view.

Or just jump straight into the e-course << here >> 

Send me a DM, email or carrier pigeon (probably not that last one) if you need help to set up your own step-by-step framework or Canva assistance, I’ll be happy to help.

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