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Do you struggle with creativity?

What do you struggle with when it comes to creativity?

If you are a perfectionist and like everything to be inline, correct and of course perfect. It can be difficult to just let yourself create. To have the freedom to just experiment with different colours, fonts, lighting, textures, words, shapes etc. It takes practise to allow yourself and give yourself permission to let go… To let go of the need to have everything centred, colour matched and perfect on the first go.

I have found that the need to have everything “right” the first time can be a stumbling block to moving forward. It can be used as an excuse to not even try – just in case it doesn’t look or sound good. But I am here to tell you that it does NOT have to be perfect. It does NOT have to be perfect the first time or even at the end. Being imperfect gives it character and makes it unique.

(Disclaimer: This does not apply to legal documents or give you an excuse to present sloppy work. There is a difference between taking care and pride in something and just throwing something together because you thought you should.)

For example, being imperfect on social media allows your audience to see you. To see the real you. This helps them to connect – especially if they can relate to what you have said or how you have shown up.

So my challenge to you today is to create something (It doesn’t have to be business related).

Some ideas for you are:

  • draw a picture (paper or digital)
  • colour in a picture
  • take a photograph of an object form an unusual angle and/or lighting
  • finger paint
  • make a card
  • scrapbook
  • create a social media post graphic
  • write a poem
  • journal
  • bake a cake (from scratch if you can or add a “secret ingredient”)
  • collect flowers/leaves from your garden and make a collage
  • arrange flowers
  • do a jigsaw puzzle

I’d love to see what you have created so feel free to send me a picture or tag me on social media @craftyfoxbydesign (if you are sharing).

Happy Creating!

PS: Why am I so interested about creating? Being creative is an outlet and it also engages a different part of the brain. Helping you stay healthy, connected and relaxed. It can help you take mental break from all the other things you have to think about. Do yourself a favour and give it a try!

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