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Laughter and Fun!

Last week I had the privilege of spending some of the school holidays away with my family. We were able to go to another small country town in South Australia we hadn’t been to before. We were able to see some sights and do somethings we don’t usually do.

The holiday wasn’t just about the destination but also about the trip getting there and that was interesting! We decided to go a certain way, not realising that it included dirt roads… (Not that it was a problem, I have driven on dirt roads before. It just meant that we had to be careful because of the wet weather and that the car ended up dirtier than expected!)

What I really wanted to share with you today are a few things I have learnt from having some time away…

  • It is great to have a break from the usual routine, but it is also great to get back into a routine. (I’m a creature of habit.)
  • It is wonderful to have an opportunity to experience different towns, to see their history and how they have evolved over time. (It is important for us to change over time too.)
  • Family time is important. We may not remember everything that happened or what was said but we will remember taking time to do something together. (Laughter is good for soul!)
  • Getting out of our usual surroundings sparks creativity and forces us to engage a different part of our brain. Opening ourselves up for different views, landscapes, tastes, smells, sounds and ideas. (Another great way to keep the brain engaged.)
  • Don’t let the wet weather dampen your mood. There are still plenty of things to do and see!
  • Audio books are a wonderful thing! They keep everyone entertained on long journeys.
  • But most importantly – it is wonderful to come home to your own bed! (You just can’t beat the comfort of your own home!)

I believe that anything that enables us to stretch and grow personally will also have a positive effect on our business. I realise that not everyone can take a few days away (for various reasons at the moment) but I would encourage you to do what you can do to see and experience something new.

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