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Hello Everyone!

A big welcome if you have just started following me and a hello again if you have been following me for some time.

I thought it was time to introduce myself properly. My name is Marie and I am the person behind Crafty Fox By Design. I live in a small country town in South Australia, have an excellent sense of humour, play grass hockey during winter, am a dog person, enjoy gardening, music, reading, paper crafting and being creative in general. I enjoy catching up with family and friends but I also like to have time to myself to just rest or catch up on tv shows on iview. (Murder mystery anyone?)

Random facts:

  • I don’t like being too cold or too hot, but prefer Winter to Summer (as long as there is some sunshine)
  • I like to eat and do eat regularly, but don’t like cooking very often (or the dishes after)
  • There are some foods I will only eat if they are cooked (eg tomatoes or banana)
  • I grew up on a small farm and had a pet sheep
  • I don’t like snakes but am okay with spiders (except red backs and other poisonous ones)
  • I used to swim regularly and play golf when I was younger
  • I can play the piano, clarinet and have tried playing the flute
  • I am a tea drinker (decafe black or green, no milk or sugar)
  • And….my favourite colour is purple!

How many did you know? Leave an interesting fact about yourself in the comments below (or message me) so I can get to know you better too.

Have a great day!

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