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Emails, Emails…..

The online world has a way of creeping into all areas of our lives. For example, our phones are no longer just phones. They can perform a wide range of functions from a camera, calculator, diary to weather reports and banking.

Another thing we can do on the go is email. We can check them, write them and send them. All from the palm of our hand. No more do we have to write a letter, address an envelope, put a stamp on it and then wait for days/weeks for it to be delivered. Nor do we have to open a word document and type out our email first, then copy and paste into the email program and quickly send, then quickly disconnect, of course after waiting an age for the modem to connect in the first place. Those who used the internet back in the late 90’s will remember the sound of the modem connecting!

Nowadays, sending an email can be as fast as we can type (either on a pc or with our thumbs on our phone), often sending and replying to multiple emails everyday. Phew, sounds exhausting!

There is one tool that can make this easier to do. Especially if you have a large number of people you would like to keep updated or to share tips with. This is by using an email marketing software to keep your email contacts organised. You maybe familiar with the names Active Campaign, MailerLite or Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is the tool I use to send emails every week to my subscribers. It allows me to set up a template so the header, footer and social links are set up. This helps the emails look neat and tidy. It also allows me to share other images and links with you.

There are many other functions that Mailchimp can help with like an email automation series; landing pages for free downloadable documents; integrations with Woo-commerce, Canva, Instagram, Facebook and Elementor web page builder, to name a few.

If this sounds like something you need and would like to learn more about Mailchimp, please contact me.

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