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3 Reasons to view your Insights and Analytics

Today I thought I would share some information about some cool (and important) features that Facebook and Instagram provide with a business page. The features are called Insights and Analytics. It may not sound very interesting but it is important. Insights and Analytics are all to do with numbers. They will tell you what type of posts are being seen the most and how much engagement they have received. Engagement is usually defined as measuring the number of likes/reactions, saves, comments and shares for individual posts and stories.

Facebook page insights can be found through the Facebook app, the Page Manager app and through your web browser. If you are accessing the insights through your web browser, Facebook has given us the ability to download a spreadsheet with lots of information (if you like that sort of thing).

Instagram’s insights are only available on the mobile app and it breaks down the information into Content, Activity and Audience.

  • Content : Provides an overview of how many posts and stories have been posted this week and shows how many accounts have seen them.
  • Activity: Provides an overview of interactions, discovery, reach, profile visits and website clicks.
  • Audience: Provides information about audience growth, locations, age range, gender and what days (and hour) they are most active on Instagram.

But how does this information help you?

  1. There are many other accounts posting on social media all the time and your posts can get lost in all the noise. But by looking at the insights (particularly the Instagram Audience section) you can find out the best time to share your posts to increase engagement.
  2. You will see what type of posts are getting the most interaction. (Eg: do pictures or videos with faces do better that text quotes or memes?) When you have that information, it helps to streamline your content creation and enables you to spend your time creating the content your audience wants to see, in a way that your audience wants to consume it.
  3. Facebook and Instagram will show you information between paid and organic traffic. This is helpful if you are running ads and want to see how the ads are converting. (This is important so you are not spending money on advertising if it is not working.)

Hope that all made sense. If you would like any help to navigate to your insights and analytics, please ask. I’ll be happy to help.

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