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Having the audacity of grass will help you succeed!

Have the audacity of grass!!

The grass doesn’t care where the seed falls, it still does its best to grow anyway! It has the audacity to grow in small cracks of concrete, in between pavers or in garden beds, it just appears and does well with little attention – it grows just about everywhere except where you want it to grow!!

The grass doesn’t wait for permission to start growing, it just finds a spot and off it goes!

Be like the grass, just start. Just start where you are and with what you have. Make use of the little rain (money) that comes your way to improve your processes, technology and yourself. Take encouragement from other people and let them help you.

Just like grass, when we are in our best place, we don’t just grow a little bit, we thrive. Surround yourself with other people who understand what you are doing or going through. When the grass grows together (rather than competing against itself), it becomes strong and can cover a lot of ground! It fills the area and makes the space its own. (Just remember that it does need to be maintained and cut occasionally.) Just like business, it needs to be monitored and maintained (to ensure adequate cash flow) and occasionally there are cut backs needed – for things that are not serving you well or have become too expensive.

Time to make plans!

Do you need to mow, water or fertilise? Now is the time to assess your business and make plans for the coming year. If there are processes in the administration area of your business that need tidying up or streamlining, please reach out << here >>. I’ll be happy to help.

PS: If you thought this article was actually about grass/lawn care and want some tips, head to Sunnyside Instant Lawn for more details!


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